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WILDlings Forest School is now at Bawsey …..

WILDlings Forest School sessions provide children and their parents the time and

space to explore and connect with nature providing outdoor learning all year round.

The Forest School ethos focuses on a child-centred approach to learning that

maximises the emotional, social, and developmental benefits of education

and promotes holistic learning.

Forest School works with pre-school children, and home educated children of all ages

in the outdoors over a period of time, introducing responsible risk-taking and setting participants up to achieve through hands-on experiences in a natural environment.

Each session you and your children will be given the freedom to explore and play

in the woods, with opportunities for children to learn, create and imagine.

There will also be woodland activities and crafts provided and a snack.

For more information, and contact details, please visit WILDlings Forest School.

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